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Are You Struggling to Build Belonging in the Places You Care Most About?

We live in a time where people crave authentic connection and collaboration - in all aspects of our lives.

With our work colleagues, with our neighbors, with those we go to school with and those we volunteer alongside. As the world becomes more connected, the value of nurturing relationships matters more than ever!

But building intentional community is hard. 

Yet when individuals take ownership in actively creating communities that they are proud of, they show up as their best self. They bring joy, energy, and an eagerness to contribute. And this has profound impacts.

  • Companies perform better because employees connect to a stronger sense of belonging and purpose.
  • Small towns attract more creative talent and experience increased economic development for their region.
  • Schools see improved engagement because students take an active role in guiding their learning.

In this course, you'll discover the tools and frameworks you need to build belonging wherever you live, work, learn, and play. And have a lot of fun along the way...

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Here's what you'll learn 

By the end of course, you'll discover how to:

Craft Compelling Visions

Determine how your unique leadership style informs how you present visions for what's possible in your community.

Engage Community Members

Find creative ways to rally collaborators and get people meaningfully involved in your work.

Launch Creative Prototypes

Develop small experiments that get you out into the streets to test your idea and get real-time feedback.

Get certified as a professional creative community builder

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 " essential course for emerging leaders and community builders!"

Building community can be hard. Do you feel stuck knowing where to start? In this course, you'll learn a proven and easy process – known as the CANVAS Framework – for how to design creative communities that people will love.

We will help you develop a tangible idea that can be used to cultivate community in the places you live, work, learn, and play. 

This is not an academic course. It's action-oriented and designed to get you building community – not just studying it – from day one!

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Community building doesn't happen behind a screen! 

Join the course and you'll get an 80-page pocket-size field guide delivered to your front door to help you practically apply the concepts in the course to your community.

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Discover how to tailor the program for your students. Past university partners have embedded the course into capstone projects, first-year seminars, and study abroads.

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Ideal for creative placemakers, city planners, and nonprofit leaders. You'll learn how the course has helped launch numerous social ventures and community projects.

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All course participants get access to:

  • 20+ Video Lessons 
  • Physical Field Guide
  • Facilitation Templates
  • Certificate of Completion
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The most meaningful learning happens in community. 

You'll receive full access to all of our content from Day 1, along with direct access to our coaches. Go through at your own pace and get the accountability you need to strengthen your community-building efforts.

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You'll Learn the CANVAS Framework

The video modules consist of 6 steps to cultivate community in the places you live, work, learn, and play.
Discover practical techniques that are grounded in research, real-life experience and proven through practice. This course is action-oriented and gets you building community – not just studying it – from day one! 


Chart Your Path

Determine what success would look like, how your unique style will influence the idea, and how to move past fears preventing you from getting started.

1.1: Work Backward from the Future
1.2: Identify Your Unique Style
1.3: Reimagine Your Fears and Passions


Ask Probing Questions

Get a pulse on what your community needs by getting face-to-face, testing your assumptions, and learning how to ask curious questions.

2.1: Get Face-to-Face
2.2: Test Your Assumptions
2.3: Spark Creativity with Curiosity


Name Early Adopters

Identify those who are most eager to rally behind your idea and build momentum by asking for deeper engagement over time and incrementally.

3.1: Find Your First Followers
3.2: Stagger Incremental Asks
3.3: Build Momentum Through Trust


Visualize a Prototype

Develop moments of wonder, which are small experiments to tangibly test your idea and learn what works. Think small, cheap, and fast to test the boundaries of what's possible.

4.1: Show, Don't Tell
4.2: Weave in Wonder
4.3: Divide Big Ideas by 500


Articulate Your Story

Design a clear and compelling narrative for your project that stands out and is easily shareable, while leveraging various media forms.

5.1: Invite Others into a Clear Narrative
5.2: Stand Out
5.3: Navigate the Media Landscape


Sustain Efforts with Partners

Find partnerships that satisfy a mutual need and learn how to lean on your network's trust as a critical currency of partnership-building.

6.1: Seek Transformation, Not Transactions
6.2: Stop Pitching, Start Serving
6.3: Rely on the Collective Trust of Others

Here's what others are saying...


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"I ended up getting my mind blown by just how much I learned… and by the end of the course, I felt relief.”

Jessica Rodman – Past Online Course Participant

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"When it comes to making learning and classrooms fun, 70% of what I do has a Spud influence to it."

Josh Nadzam – Nonprofit Leader and Professor at the University of Kentucky

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“This course gets you out of the box and forces you to consider the complexities of any community.”

Dr. Renee Just – Brenau University Professor and Department Chair for Academic Programs

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"This course allowed me to dream big while discovering tangible steps for how to get there."

Adam Lahlou –Past Online Course Participant

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"As an introvert, Spud helped me connect and talk with people and pushed me out of my comfort bubble.

Sarah Holmes – Past Online Course Participant

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"It is magical to watch Spud bring students to life. He is the relationship that keeps on giving.

Arshiya Kherani – Social Entrepreneur & Collaborator on College Student Retreats

Meet your  coach & instructor

Hi, I'm Spud 👋

Since 2010, I have trained over 10,000 emerging leaders in creative community building. I've worked with universities, rural school districts, silicon valley tech companies, national foundations, and Fortune 100's to apply the tools you'll discover in this course.

In addition to my consulting and training efforts, I’ve personally raised more than $1 million in investment capital for community-driven social enterprises. The process you'll learn in this course works and I promise you’ll be in good hands.

Spud combines the imagination of a second grader with the wisdom of a 90-year-old professor!

Dustin Liu
United Nations
U.S. Youth Observer

Spud is hands down the most creative community builder I've ever met. This course lets you learn from the best!

Alexis Taylor
World Economic Forum
Davos Lab Taskforce Co-Chair

This course is essential for anyone who wants to make a positive contribution to their community!

Michael Fortunato
Creative Insight Community Development
Founding Partner

All the tools you need to design a creative community!

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